3 feet in 3 minutes

One step foreward, two step back, 9 step sideways and 4 steps to the right… Drunk out of this world


Rest in peace…

Because of the tragic incidents that happened in my home country, i have not been psychologically able to look for or upload funny videos.

My thoughts go to those who have lost their loved ones. And also to those who survived but is wounded.

If one man can show this much hatred, imagine how much love we can show together
Stine Renate (Utoya Surviver)

Everybody Loves Bloopers!

Funny bloopers from “Everybody Loves Raymond” 🙂

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Speed shopping!

Milk, cheese, eggs and a 360 Flip.. o_O

Sexy Robot!

She can clean my house anytime :p

OUCH! ! !

Guy knocks himself out with an exercise machine…

Girl passes out from helium!

I knew girls were fainting over Justin Bieber, but this is ridiculous…

Drunk old man tries to drink from a breathalyzer!


Complete idiot behind the wheels!

Gift for Geeks!

I knew that someday i had to eat my words.. 😉

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