Monthly Archives: June 2011

Grandma dropping it like it’s hot!

Wow, she doesn’t look one day over 105…


Carrie, the dancing dog!

Her brother Bozo, can do a headspin like a boss…

Monkey scared of himself!


Monkey sees himself in a mirror and freaks out 🙂

How to make the most annoying sound ever!


But don’t tell your mom i told you this…















No, it’s not Val Kilmer on estrogen…

What’s wrong with this picture…?

Wow.. Did some crazy scientist go berzerk in the lab? Or did nature itself fu** up a little bit? None of the above actually. This creature is actually from the mind of an excellent photoshop guru. I have admired these images for many years, and today i wanted to share it with y’all 🙂

You can see more images like this over at Human Decent.

Super Awesome Robot Hand

If you like robo-stuff, your’e gonna love this..

Birds marching in a parade!

Microsoft Surface 2

Remember Microsoft Surface? I certainly do. I thought it was awesome.. Never got to test it out though.. But now the Surface 2 has arrived, and boy does it look cool.. Check it out in the video underneath 🙂

What the world doesn’t need…

Ok!! This creature creeps me out.. Not only is it a huge *****ng spider,  but it can FLY! What’s the point? The spider is scary enough as it is..

Ok, normally if you see a spider in your basement, you can just run upstairs and slam the door. You can forget about that with this dude. He will beat you up the stairs, and he will kick you right in the eye-balls.. But at least he has a sweet name; Tarantula Hawk!! ieek 😮