Monthly Archives: June 2011

Hey Dumbo!

This cute little eh.. thingy.. is Dumbo. Well, it’s not his personal name, but thats what their called. Why did all the other animals get cool names? Like Lion, Panther, Cougar or White-faced Saki Monkey.. Nope, this Wacky creature got stuck with Dumbo. Or Dumbo Octopus to be correct.

You can read more about Dumbo HERE.


Best TV ad i’ve seen! Today…

Cool ad for why you shold get an electric car. Funny 🙂

Cat Doesn’t Give a Damn

Found this funny video over at

This cat has just given up. No friends, no girlfriend and no fish. He is just sitting on this soft pillow-bed that her mother gave him for his birthday. Poor guy..

See the video HERE!

Dog Train… Must see!

Dogs doing some training… :p


Doing drugs is bad for your kids skull 😮

Maze Scare Prank Terrifies Little Girl

CLASSIC! A little girl get scared s***less :-p