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3 feet in 3 minutes

One step foreward, two step back, 9 step sideways and 4 steps to the right… Drunk out of this world


Everybody Loves Bloopers!

Funny bloopers from “Everybody Loves Raymond” 🙂

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Speed shopping!

Milk, cheese, eggs and a 360 Flip.. o_O

Sexy Robot!

She can clean my house anytime :p

OUCH! ! !

Guy knocks himself out with an exercise machine…

Girl passes out from helium!

I knew girls were fainting over Justin Bieber, but this is ridiculous…

Drunk old man tries to drink from a breathalyzer!


Complete idiot behind the wheels!

The impossible dime trick!

Worlds fastest drinker?

A guy drinks a bottle of water in just over a second 😮