The impossible dime trick!


Worlds fastest drinker?

A guy drinks a bottle of water in just over a second 😮

Happy birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday song…

FAIL! ! ! !

Guy eating the hottest pepper in the world – The Bhut Jolokia

Asian girl dances like… INSANE!!

Amazing Hairdos!

See more of theese amazing hairdos over at

Nerdy fish!

What in the world…!?!

Did Mr. Ed go in the water? Or did Steve Urkel do something “fishy” to his pet fish? Me don’t know.

All i know is that the result was a weirdo with the name “Mbu puffer“..

Don’t Text And Drive!

TV ad to prevent texting while driving.
WARNING: Graphic content!

Cool Dog… Cool Tricks!

But can he sit on command…?